What is an Integrated Electronic Security System?

Where there is crime, there is a need for security. Electronic security systems have been advancing as crime evolves. The advanced surveillance systems that have been developed over time protect us better with added features and components.

An integrated electronic security system is the required tool for surveillance, monitoring, managing, and protecting your assets. The system offers multifaceted support to businesses that are looking to protect their assets with heightened defences and better insight into varying threats.

Components of an Integrated Electronic Security System

Most integrated security systems use a combination of access control and audio and video surveillance and possibly intrusion alarm when required.

Access Control

Access control is the first line of defence in your integrated security system. If installed correctly and in the right locations, it can mitigate a potential security breach and keep the building and property secure. Depending on the sensitivity of the facility, access control can be one-step or multi-step, and may use multiple verification methods such as pin codes, fobs or badges, biometric verification, etc.

Audio and Video Surveillance

Surveillance is the most basic part of any security system as it allows a business to record events in real-time. When we think of surveillance, we think of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). Finding the right cameras for your needs and knowing exactly where you need them positioned is crucial for protection to be able to identify perpetrators, prevent crime, and recover stolen goods.

Intrusion Alarm

Intrusion alarm is essential when a building will be unmanned for a period of time. Any unauthorized opening of a door or motion in the building will alert the central monitoring station who will in turn alert the authorities or whomever you request. This system can be included with, or connected to the access control system so when a person with authorization badges in, the alarm system will automatically disarm. Cameras can also be connected to the monitoring station so that they can video verify any alarms that they receive.

Why Integrated Security Matters

An integrated electronic security system is imperative for protection against external threats – physical as well as cyber. They help to prevent crimes from happening and also play in important role in taking legal action in the event that you do suffer a security breach. To learn more about your options or about integrated security systems in general, get in touch with us. Whether residential or commercial, we are always here to answer your questions and help in any way we can.


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