Introducing Ainger Active Watch - Live Remote Video Monitoring

Typical security systems are reactive. Designed for interior spaces, it takes an incident to trigger an alarm and alert the police. Ainger Active Watch takes a proactive approach with live remote video monitoring for the perimeter and inside of your property.

What is Active Watch?

Active Watch is a worldwide video monitoring company that uses advanced technology to provide "real time" live remote video monitoring service. This means that crimes are recorded with video cameras and prevented with live monitoring agents. Protocols are established with each client to ensure who is dispatched in case of an event. These protocols are outlined in detail so that the right people are dispatched when an incident occurs.


  1. Security staff monitor in real-time and are in direct contact with local law enforcement
  2. Live 2-way audio alerts intruders before they cause damage
  3. Eliminate false alarms 100%
  4. Eliminate salaries, uniforms, and other expenses
  5. Multi-layered access control
  6. Flexible remote-management
  7. Robust failure detection and backup support

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