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Biamp is a leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of high-end audio-visual equipment. From voice communications and Zoom rooms to sound masking, venue sound systems, meeting & conference room AV and much more, Biamp is a trusted name in the audio-visual business. Their products and systems are used across the US and Canada by offices, corporations, meeting & event venues, hotels and hospitality, building and campus management, retail, health care, government and many other categories. Ainger Cabling + Security is an authorized dealer for Biamp audio-visual systems, providing sales, installation and support for a variety of clientele across North America. No matter what your audio-visual needs may be, talk to us about how a Biamp solution could help.


Promote Speech Privacy & Prevent Accidental Listening With Sound Masking

  • Reduce Noice Distractions
  • Boost Productivity
  • Protect Speech Privacy
  • Improve Office Acoustics

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