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Avigilon is a Vancouver, BC-based Motorola subsidiary which designs, develops and makes a range of security systems and products. From network video management software & hardware to high definition surveillance cameras, access control, video analytics AI and much more, Avigilon is a leader in the video security field. We sell and install Avigilon security products because we are extremely impressed with the quality of their systems, in particular the precision and clarity of their images – meaning that your facility can top quality resolution and thus use less cameras, lowering the total cost of ownership for your cameras. If you are interested in learning more about how Avigilon’s video security products can help your company or organization, get in touch with us today.


Security Solutions That Deliver Actionable Results

  • AI & Video Analytics
  • Cameras & Sensors
  • Video Infrastructure
  • Video Management Software
  • Access Control
  • Motorola Solutions Integrations

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